Rich with Potential for Growth

The combination of rich black chernozem soils, abundant moisture, long sunny warm days and cool moist nights produces some of the best wheat, oats, barley, canola and forage crops in the world.  Based on our rural prairie location an abundance of locally grown resources and the necessary infrastructure, the Region has long been a natural for value-added agriculture processing that supports international companies, such as Bunge Canada, Canola Crushing Plant and Refinery; Pizzey Ingredients, Flaxseed Processing; Paterson Grain & Crop Inputs Facilities; and Viterra Grain Elevator and Special Crop Facilities.


Value-Added Products and On-Farm Processing Potential

Innovations in agricultural production have put the region in a unique position.  With access to excellent freight distribution, competitively priced and readily available land, the Region is well positioned to experience an explosion in a diverse range of value-added products from large scale processing to small artisanal ventures using the raw commodities that are grown locally.


The diversity of the regions agriculture is also demonstrated through its ability to produce superior lines of livestock, specifically in the cattle, bison, equine, sheep and goats.


Why Value-Added works….

  • High-quality agricultural raw materials for processing
  • Access to railway main line
  • Abundant water supply
  • Connected by major highway routs
  • Access to paved airstrip
  • Low-cost three phase power and natural gas
  • High-speed internet, digital cellular and wireless telecommunications
  • Reasonably priced buildings and industrial-zoned land
  • A well-educations, reliable workforce and training opportunities
  • Community and lifestyle amenities that attract and retain workers
  • Affordable real estate and low cost of living